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Reservation Agreement

1. Introduction

The Customer wishes to reserve a vehicle for transportation for an Event and the Limousine Service (Leo’s Luxury Limos) wishes to accept the reservation. The parties are desirous of entering into an agreement to record the terms of the booking.

2. The Reservation

The pickup and delivery shall take place at the Reservation Date and at the Reservation Time (“the Reservation”). The duration of the Reservation shall be the Reservation Duration. The Reservation will take place at the pickup and delivery locations cited in the Reservation.

3. Fees and Payment

3.1 The Limousine Service will be paid the Reservation Fee for the Reservation.

3.2 Payment of the Reservation Fee will be made by the Customer as follows:

3.2.1The Deposit to be paid at the time of Booking a Reservation. The Reservation will not be confirmed until payment of this deposit has been made.

3.2.1.a The Deposit is 50% of the total charge(s).

3.2.1.b The Deposit is non-refundable.

3.2.2 The remainder of the Reservation Fee to be paid the day of the pickup.

4. Security

The Limousine Service shall designate a clean, secure area suitable for transportation. The Limousine Service shall take all reasonable required steps including the provision of adequate security to minimize the risk of any injury to any agents, representatives or employees of the Customer, and any loss, damage or theft of equipment stored at the time of Reservation belonging to the Customer or any of the Customer’s agents, representatives or employees. Should the Limousine Service fail to take such steps, s/he will be liable to the Customer for such damages.

5. Warranty

The Limousine Service warrants that s/he has arranged all necessary permits, licenses, approvals and releases required for the Customer to travel from the pickup to delivery location(s).

6. Indemnity

6.1 The Customer, his/her sub-contractors, employees, representatives and agents will not be liable for loss, damage or delay, including loss of profits, suffered by the Limousine Service as a result of the Reservation.

6.2 The Limousine Service hereby indemnifies the Customer, his/her sub-contractors, employees, representatives, and agents against any loss, injury, damage or liability suffered or incurred by the Limousine Service, the Customer or any third party arising out of a breach by the indemnifies of the provisions of the Agreement and/or arising as a result of any act or omission of any party, in any way related to the Reservation.

7. Disputes

7.1 Should any dispute, disagreement or claim arise between the parties (called hereafter “the Dispute”) concerning this Agreement the parties shall endeavour to resolve the Dispute amicably and with the best interests of both parties in mind and by giving the other party reasonable time to respond to any complaint.

7.2 The parties shall not publicize the Dispute on any social media, or other public platform.

8. Breach and Termination

8.1 Should either party commit a breach of any of the material provisions of this Agreement and fail to remedy that breach within 7 (seven) days after receipt of notice to rectify the breach, the aggrieved party shall be entitled to either cancel this Agreement or enforce the specific performance of this Agreement.

8.2 If the aggrieved party has suffered any financial loss as a result of the breach, as an example if s/he missed another performance booking, then s/he shall be entitled to claim the damages which s/he has suffered.

9. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of the state of Mississippi. All disputes, actions and other matters in connection with this agreement shall be determined in accordance with such law.